Charleston White Pulls Gun On Interviewer After Being Asked About King Von!!

Charleston White pulled a gun on Chicago’s DJ Univercity after he was asked why he didn’t help out the mothers of other deceased Chicago rappers.

White revealed he had given money to FBG Duck’s mom…but the interviewer seemed to think he should have done more.

“With that part being said, the only thing that kinda, like, I guess bothers the Chicago community is, like, if you gonna do that, you gotta do that for everybody,” DJ Univercity said.

The comments made White angry.

“I ain’t gotta do that! Y’all go do it! Chicago can suck my dick! How you gon’ put that on me when y’all ain’t even done a little of what I’ve done! How you gonna dictate what I’m gonna do with my heart when you don’t even have in your heart to do it?” he said.

“From the knowledge I got…King Von was a killer. My momma had two sons locked up for murder, and my momma let everybody know I’m not in agreement with what my sons done. So you can’t make me care about King Von momma. F-ck that bitch! I don’t give a f-ck about his momma!”

White becomes more enraged and gets up to get a gun and points it at the interviewer. The crew tries to talk him down. Eventually, the video footage cuts.

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