Chadwick Boseman’s Widow & Parents Split Actor’s Estate . . . 1/3 To Wife 1/3 To Parents 1/3 To LAWYERS!!

Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman died, without a will, after a long bout with Cancer two years ago. Now Media Take Out confirmed that his family has decided to split his fortune three ways, with a third of Chadwick’s fortune to go to lawyers and tax collectors.

The estate was held up in court, and yesterday the court released the final accounting filed by Boseman’s widow Taylor Simone Ledward, who was put in charge of settling the estate.

According to Taylor, in legal documents filed in court seen by Media Take Out, the total inventoried value of Chadwick’s estate is $3,881,758.31. That amount includes over $230,000 in residuals since his death.

The Black Panther actor battled colon cancer for four years and even went through chemotherapy while filming roles right up until his passing. He passed away on August 28, 2020.

But Taylor and the family spent a considerable amount of money, since Chadwick’s death.

Taylor asked to be reimbursed for funeral costs including $9,500 for the venue, another $10k for the funeral service, and $1,275 for the flowers.

Taylor also asked for reimbursements for a $,7495 expense for a mausoleum crypt at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Anderson, South Carolina. She also spent $22,000 to buy mausoleum crypts for Boseman’s parents Leroy and Carolyn to be laid next to him.

The estate also owes a tax bill associated with Boseman’s company Chadwick Boseman, Inc. The amount owed is $51k.

Taylor Tod the court that the estate is currently valued at $2.5 million on hand with $157k in cash. Another $900k was held as bond in the probate case. After all the bills, including large legal bills, are paid the estate is worth just $2.3 million.

Taylor asked the court to approve the estate being distributed 50% of the $2.3M to her and the other half to Boseman’s parents, or $1.15M each.

That leaves about $1.5M to court fees, lawyers, and taxes. Media Take Out confirmed that, assuming Chadwick had a will, he would have been able to avoid paying those huge legal bills.

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