Candace Owens Claims Britain’s Brutal Colonization Of Africa Was A ’Good’ Thing

Controversial Republican commentator Candace Owens is making some shockingly disturbing statements on her talk show, Media Take Out has learned. According to Candace, the British government’s brutal colonization of Africa “ended up being a net positive.”

She made the disgusting comments while defending the royal family amid revived criticism over their role in English imperialism over the centuries.

Following the September 8 death of Queen Elizabeth II, detractors have spoken out about the global impact of British imperialism. They have also demanded the return of “stolen” precious jewels to former colonies. Following the “Scramble for Africa” in the 1880s, Britain came to control an estimated 30 percent of the continent’s population, and a number of African kingdoms were destroyed.

According to estimates, the British government is responsible for the brutal murder, and torture of millions of Black Africans. They committed heinous atrocities meant to terrorize the people and allow for control the colonies – including burning babies, raping young women, and removing the limbs off of Africans. It was truly one of the most brutal regimes in human history.

But Candace thinks that it was a good thing.

“What are your thoughts on the concerns people have with the British royal family and their history with colonization?” a viewer asked.

Owens said: “The real truth of the reason why people hate the queen has nothing to do with colonization…. Which, by the way, just to be clear, the Brits invading Africa actually represents—and this is going to get me in trouble—but it was, if you look at how forward it brought the African colonies, it ended up being a net positive.

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