Boosie Badazz Says Family Member Stole From Him

Boosie Badazz hopped on social media to go off on a family member the rapper says stole from him.

Boosie says the family member stole $10,000 by pretending a man could get a verse from the rapper and instead of giving it to Boosie to spit the verse, they kept it.

“N-gga, you know what you stole. N-gga y’all act like y’all would get a verse from me, took 10,000 from a n-gga. Come on man! You took 10,000 from a n-gga, a n-gga come back a year later and gon’ ask me, ‘Where my verse at?’ N-gga you started all this sh-t, you and Lil Mel. Come on man! Only thing is I ain’t catch you yet,” said Boosie.

He continued, “You thought you had a free 10 grand, cuh. Let’s keep it real, n-gga. You know you not like that. Lil Mel confessed! Lil Mel said, ‘I did that. I can’t take that back.'”

Boosie has not yet confirmed whether his family member responded to his video.

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