Black Gay Men Across Social Media Are ‘LUSTING’ After Jeffrey Dahmer . . . And It’s Pretty Disturbing.

With the new series “Dahmer” on Netflix – serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has been thrust back in the news.

And Media Take Out has noticed that a very strange and rather disturbing phenomenon happening on social media. There are currently a lot of posts on Twitter – mostly from Black gay men – where posters seem to be lusting after the mass murderer. There is also an uptick in the number of people making funny posts (mostly on TikTok and Facebook) about Jeffrey Dahmer and the series.

It’s not clear whether people are looking for comic relief in this story as they watch Dahmer, but many find it is tasteless and disgusting.

Jeffrey Dahmer was a murderer who specifically targeted a particular subset of people – gay Black men – who were already marginalized in society.

The sadistic killer frequented gay bars where he would pick up black gay men (some of whom were just teenage boys) and sex workers – who would ultimately become his victims.

The Netflix series is not a fictional tale, this is a story of a real man who did these horrific things to people.

But what he did seems irrelevant to many on social media, Media Take Out has observed. Here’s some of the strange things we’ve seen posted on social media:

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