BET Host Alicia Quarles Has MENTAL BREAK . . . Police Take Her To Hospital After Bizarre IG Rant!

Former BET host Alicia Quarles is currently in a mental hospital, under the supervision of doctors after she had what appears to be a mental BREAK while on Instagram, Media Take Out confirmed.

The bizarre incident began overnight, when supporters of Alicia Quarles came across very concerning Instagram posts from the former BET and E! News reporter, prompting them to call for help.

Alicia posted a series of bizarre videos on IG where she’s walking around her house, ranting about her fears.

In one clip, received by Media Take Out, Alicia walked towards the door and opened it ajar with one lock still on.

A friend is seen through the crack of the door telling Alicia that her name is “Valerie.” Valerie is with police and another neighbor but Alicia insists that officers remove the latch from her door.

In another clip shortly after, Alicia returns to her couch and says she fears that officers are going to kill her like “Sandra Bland,” the 28-year-old Black woman who was found hanged in a jail cell in Waller County, Texas, on July 13, 2015, three days after being arrested during a traffic stop.

Alicia later contacted the popular IG blog Hollywood Unlocked, and founder Jason Lee and sent more videos. According to Hollywood Unlocked, Alicia claims that she is expecting a child and later sent an alarming video saying, “if you don’t see me doing this in the video, send it, that means I’m dead,” (Alicia made a gun gesture with her hand).

Alicia later sent Jason a text message telling him, “I am of sound mind and I am not suicidal.”

When the videos went live, fans quickly flooded her comment section asking what is going on.

Hollywood Unlocked is reporting that Alicia was picked up at 4am this morning and is now hospitalized. The source also claimed that she has “resigned from Good Morning America with no clear reason why.” We are sending prayers to Alicia Quarles during this difficult time.

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