50 Yr Old Blonde Claims That She’s ‘Mistaken For Being 17-yrs Old’ … Twitter Is ROASTING HER Badly!

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A 50-year-British mother is going viral today after telling the media that she’s constantly mistaken for her teenage son’s sister – and believes that she looks like she’s just 17 years old.

And Media Take Out learned that folks all across social media are heavily disputing the middle aged woman’s claims of her alleged “teenage” appearance..

Shany Hagan told the UK’s Mirror that she is constantly asked for ID when she buys alcohol or even watches an R-rated film at the cinema.

Whenever she goes on dates, Shany says people ask if she’s “out with her dad” – and her 17-year-old son Tom has blocked his friends from visiting their home, or following his mom on social media after they branded the 50-year old a “MILF.”

Here are some images of Shany:

“I haven’t aged a bit since I was 21 and people still think I’m that age when they meet me,” Shany, of York, says.

“It was a nightmare when I was younger as no one took me seriously but now I’m reaping the rewards as I look 30 years younger.

“Everyone is shocked when I tell them my age and they want to know my secret. It’s simple – I’m single. It keeps me young.

Shany is currently trending on Twitter, and they are ripping the poor lady to shreds . . .

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