Yung Miami’s MOTHER, 45, Shoots Her Shot At Rapper LIL BABY, 27 . . . And Baby SEEMS INTERESTED!!

Media Take Out Staff |

Yung Miami’s mother Keenya Young is 45 years old, single and looking to mingle. She apparently however has her eyes set on a rapper who she finds attractive – and that guy is Lil Baby, 27.

Media Take Out noticed yesterday that Miss Keenya started following Lil Baby a few months ago, and she’s been liking virtually all his pictures. But, now she’s becoming even more flirtatious.

The 45 year old grandmother, who was recently released from prison for her involvement in the killing of a mall security guard, has started leaving hearts all over Lil Baby’s posts. Look:

Well, Miss Keenya’s flirting seems to be working. As of this morning, Lil Baby is now following Yung Miami’s mother. According to Miss Keenya’s Instagram settings, she can only receive DMs from people who are following her.

So Lil Baby’s follow may be a prelude to a DM discussion . . . .

Most recently Yung Miami’s mom, set the internet ablaze with a pic of herself and her daughter on Mother’s Day. She posted a pic of the two them wearing bikinis. And chileeeee, Yung Miami mom looks good!!!!! You almost can’t tell which one is the daughter. Check it out:

But she doesn’t ALWAYS look this good. Media Take Out managed to get a few snapshots from Miss Keenya’s Instagram Live. These screenshots give you a more accurate picture of what she looks like. She’s still a VERY attractive woman.

Miss Keenya was charged with first-degree murder following the 2009 death of Emily Robinson. The woman was struck by the vehicle Young drove as she fled from the Macy’s where she robbed a few designer bags. Yung Miami’s mother pleaded guilty, and snitched on her co-defendant.

She was sentenced to five years in prison and 10 years of probation in 2017. She was granted an early release during COVID.

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