Yung Miami Wants Fans To Leave Her Out Of Any Beef!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Yung Miami says she’s tired of being dragged into other people beef and wants to be left out of any mess.

Yung Miami went back and forth with fellow City Girls rapper JT last week but they squashed their beef after a phonecall. She was also included in a lawsuit against Diddy, which alleged she was a s-x worker on the Bad Boy boss’ payroll…which she denies.

“I am a grown ass lady with 2 kids & don’t have time to be inserting myself in anything that has nothing to do with me! I dont have a problem with anyone please leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyday I wake up on this app it’s something new I am tired!” she tweeted.

The Florida claimed she was just on X to promote her products and keep it moving. She recently released a new single with Skilla Baby called “CFWM.”

She made headlines recently after being served at an event for merch.

“I’m so tired of the internet & ppl f-cking with me everyday!!! Tryna serve me some paper over MERCH that I’m not selling is LAME!!! Like everybody wanna go viral so bad let’s go viral I’m tired!!!!!!!! Like take y’all ass tf on!” she wrote on X.

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