Yung Miami Says She’s “Not A Pr*stitute”

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Rapper Yung Miami denied being a “prostitute” after she was named in a lawsuit filed by Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones.

On Instagram, 50 Cent shared a video from Yung Miami’s interview with Jason Lee where she referred to herself as a “whore.”

“it’s ok to be a whore just make sure your being over paid. See a Sucker, catch a Sucker, Suck a Sucker dry. You go girl LSW LOL,” 50 Cent captioned the post.

Yung Miami then hopped into his comments section to respond.

“I think this got taken out of context, it’s a gay slur ‘what’s up whore’ is something my gay cousin always said to me. It’s c-nt it’s a slang that we said to each other that’s what I was trying to explain to Jason because he’s gay and he got what I was trying to say. I’m not a prostitute. I never sold 🐱a day in my life. & I hate how this is getting spun,” she wrote.

50 responded, saying he liked Yung Miami and will put her in his BMF show.

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