Yung Miami Claps Back At DJ Akademiks Over ‘No Talent’ Remarks

Tiffany Brockworth |

In a recent interview, Yung Miami mentioned DJ Akademiks and called him out of his name. In return, Akademiks accused Yung Miami of having no talent and even called on Diddy to check her.

“Yung Miami is, to me, a clown. She’s a one-trick pony. She is not talented [enough] to do anything else. The only active talent is to be like, ‘Yo, I’m pimping these dudes out.’ While you come out in interviews and you were crying. You talked to Diddy to DM me. ‘Yo, please, he’s calling me a side chick,'” Ak said on Livestream.

He continued, “Diddy, the only reason I’m going back in on her, I heard her on some show, she called me a very naughty word. Diddy…respect to you but check your girl.”

Yung Miami saw the clip floating around on social media and hopped in the comments section to respond, writing “Batty Boy.”

Is it time for Ak and Yung Miami to squash their beef?

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