Yung Joc Tells Story Of Why Cassie Shaved Her Head

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In interview clip of Yung Joc telling the story of Diddy making Cassie shave the side of her head has resurfaced online.

“I was watching Puff … Puff jumped up. Me and Cassie sitting next to each other, my wife right here, Cassie right here. The n-gga jumped off the bar, came over there, and said, ‘Yo, yo Cassie. Tomorrow, I want you to shave the side of your head,'” he told DJ Vlad.

He continued: “So, I was looking at Cassie and I was like, ‘You not ’bout to do that are you?’” the “Love & Hip Hop” star allegedly asked at the time. “She said, ‘Well, I mean, whatever Sean wants, I’m gonna do.’”

Rumors have been circulating online that Cassie shaved one side of her head because Diddy allegedly pulled a chunk of her hair out.

In her lawsuit, Cassie alleged Diddy “was prone to uncontrollable rage, and frequently beat Ms. Ventura savagely” and his staff, who allegedly witnessed the abuse, did not speak out about their “frightening and ferocious” boss.

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