Yung Joc Reveals 2Chainz Verse Led To Rift With Quality Control’s P

Lyndon Abioye |

Yung Joc claims that a 2Chainz verse utimately led to a fallout between him and Quality Control’s P.

“He gave me a love verse, I will say that he gave me a love verse and that n-gga was going in and I was still signed and shit, so I came back me and P did a deal. So me and P put up $30,000 to push the record, so I asked 2 Chainz to do it for me and I’m a bring him the money and the label going to cut the rest of the check for them. So I just give you a deposit on the label and cut the check,” he explained on the Big Facts podcast.

He continued, “So it was time to get all the sh-t going, and we got the radio playing it, and you know these markets, you start up a record in certain markets and sh-t, and then when I’m coming to 2 Chainz it was like we couldn’t never get the clearance on it.”

Joc said the label would not pay for the clearance which created more tension.

He continued: “So the label wouldn’t cut the check, and I was like, ‘Damn, bro, I just need the clearance on this sh-t like do something.’ So we kept going back and forth with the attorneys, and it didn’t quite happen, and that sh-t kind of created a situation with me and P.”

Joc eventually walked away from music.

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