Yung Joc On Diddy Vs. Jermaine Dupri

Tiffany Brockworth |

Yung Joc is a fan of both Diddy and Jermaine Dupri but he says Diddy just has the edge over the So So Def boss.

“I always felt like Diddy understood like how to go to the next level of what he was doing. JD did too, but JD again was doing so many other things that he didn’t focus on his artistry as much as Diddy did,” Joc told Math Hoffa.

“Diddy kinda stands next to what’s hot… As he makes it hotter or I’m a tell you what Diddy does, he will acknowledge what’s hot and his acknowledgment brings awareness to what’s hot and he blows it up,”
he continues. “In theory, you think of all parties involved and nine times out of 10 who was the bigger party involved? Diddy. So he understands marketing and that’s the difference that he got over JD.”

Joc gave JD his props…but Diddy branded himself as the biggest star.

“As time went on, [JD] focused on his strengths as a producer and a writer more than as an artist or the flagship artist of his brand,” he added. “No matter who [Diddy] had, he’s branded as the flagship of Bad Boy. JD is So So Def, but the other artists were bigger than JD.”

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