Yung Joc CRIES On Instagram: Destruction Is Prevalent

Lyndon Abioye |

Yung Joc shocked his fans by uploading a video of himself crying on Twitter.

“Raw Emotions…….. No hiding behind facades…….Can I cry in front of the world? Why ami crying. This world is such a wicked place at times…. Our kids are dying before they can live in these streets…,” he captioned the video.

“Our homes are filled with hate because it’s all around us.. Destruction is prevalent…. drugs are running rampant in our community…… So many are confused…. Ascension is a necessity…….. Let it out in front of the world…….. do you ever feel like just letting it all out? Some will laugh and that’s expected… Some will tap in to see if I’m ok and that’s appreciated….. I begging for mercy on all of us no soul unaccounted for…. I Love You 🙏🏾”

Followers supported him in the comments.

“Crazy thing is ….if he decided to take his life or if he died all of the people laughing would be the first to post a long ass paragraph like they knew him w a pic literally posted on their page smh. We never know what a person is going through. Empathy is lacking on the realest shit these days. Maybe this is a cry for help. If Joc is your dog the best u can do is check on your boi. Feel better Joc,” one supporter wrote.

Soulja Boy chimed in, “You got this. Stay strong and focused. Crying doesn’t make you weak not being able to express yourself does.”

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