YSL CoFounder Slams Gunna

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YSL’s co-founder, Mondo called Gunna out for taking a plea deal so that he could walk from jail early and avoid prison time.

When rapper Murphy Lee asked him what he thought about Gunna’s plea, he said, “you don’t do no sh-t like that.”

“I mean, the only way to answer that, man…my man did what he did,” he added. “He did what he did, man. I ain’t put no cap on it, I ain’t sitting here putting no- I know this for sure, I ain’t going off what no internet talking about. I ain’t going off what I’m seeing all over cap.”

Gunna, Young Thug’s brother Unfoonk, Slimelife Shawty, Lil Duke and YSL co-founder Walter Murphy all accepted plea deals.

Gunna denied snitching and released a statement following his release, claiming that he would not testify against Thugger if he is called to court.

“I always said, bruh, he was a good genuine n-gga, but certain sh-t makes you do certain sh-t. You can’t say, ‘Oh, they tricked me,’ or ‘Oh, I ain’t talked,’ or ‘I don’t know what’s going on.’ Come on, my brother. It’s certain sh-t you just don’t do. And hey boy, you crossed the line, my brother. You did that.”

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