YouTuber CJ So Cool SHOT In Home Invasion Robbery … After He Was ‘FLOSSING’ On Social Media!!

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Popular YouTuber CJ So Cool, whose real name is Cordero James, is recovering at Sunrise Hospital after being shot at his home in Henderson.

Media Take Out learned that the social media influencer who has garnered millions of fans on YouTube, was attacked in his Las Vegas home, after posting a series of “floss” pictures and videos on social media.

”They just started yelling at me I jumped up and they started firing at me so I just started fighting both of them off, it was two guys I got my hand on the right guys gun and my left hand on the left guys gun and they’re just shooting shooting shooting shooting shooting everywhere,” CJ told the local media.

The Youtuber added, “I post videos every day because I live a luxurious life but I don’t have enemies.”

But when you post a lavish lifestyle on social media – you invite problems.

Police say that CJ was targeted by the wolves – and was shot four times in his legs.

“They literally kicked in my door so I had no time to react I was sleeping so I had no time to react I was wondering is this a dream? I felt like I was in a dream where you can’t move,” CK explained to the news media.

The thieves reportedly got away with all of the Youtuber’s jewelry, and thousands of dollars in cash and clothing, Media Take Out has learned.

Here are some of the pictures he posted – that got him in trouble:

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