Youtube Prankster Nas EBK ARRESTED … Charged w/ Murder Of Man In Times Square! (Prank Gone Wrong?)

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NY drill rapper turned Youtube prankster Nas Ebk was arrested last month for a failed YouTube prank. Now he has been arrested again, and this time it’s serious.

Media Take Out confirmed that Nas EBK was charged with 2nd degree murder after the police claim that the Youtube prankster allegedly killed a 22 year old man in a Times Square shooting last month.

Nas EBK went viral last month, after he pranked a grocery store worker in The Bronx. The grocery worker got upset, and Nas EBK ended up pulling a knife on the man. Look:

After the rapper posted the video online, and it went viral – police arrested him and charged him with making terroristic threats against the store employee.

Now the charges against the NY drill Youtuber are a lot more serious.

Nas EBK has been accused of getting into an argument with the victim, 22-year-old Idressa Siby, on February 9 at the corner of the very-public intersection of 44th Street and 8th Avenue in Times Square. The argument is said to have escalated with EBK allegedly shooting Siby, striking him on the right side of his chest.

The report states that Siby tried to flee but collapsed a block later at a Chick-fil-A. Multiple attempts at reviving him on the scene proved unsuccessful, and he later succumbed to his injuries at Mt. Sinai West.

Police state that the pair knew each other and Siby was indeed the intended target. Nas EBK is charged with murder in the second degree.

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