Young Thug’s Attorney Files Motion To Dismiss RICO Case

Lyndon Abioye |

Young Thug’s legal team have filed a motion to dismiss the case based on the statute of limitations.

In court documents obtained by XXL, Thugger’s lawyer Brian Steel wrote:

“In order to satisfy the crime of RICO conspiracy, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that at least one (1) overt act was committed in furtherance of the conspiracy within the Statute of Limitations. To satisfy the Statute of Limitations, the overt act must have occurred within five (5) years of the filing of the Bill of Indictment with the Clerk of Court.”

“Both the original Indictment as well as the re-Indictment have overt acts numbers 1 through approximately 61 with a date more than five (5) years before the return of the Indictment,” Steel later wrote.

“Since overt acts numbers 1 through about 61 are outside of the five (5) year Statute of Limitations, these overt acts cannot support a conviction of Mr. Williams (or any of the accused) since said overt acts are outside of the five (5) year Statute of Limitations.”

Young Thug was arrested in May of last year on gang-related charges.

Brian Steel believes any crimes that took place before 2017 should be off the table.

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