Young Thug Denied Bond For A THIRD Time!!

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Young Thug has been denied bond for a third time since his arrest.

Thugger was back in court remotely for a motions hearing, where his attorney Brian Steel tried once again to get the rapper freed from jail. His legal team argued the song lyrics being used against him were not written by the Atlanta rapper.

“I believe the court was misled in that regard, saying Mr. Williams made those declarations – he simply did not, that’s not accurate,” his attorney Keith Adams said.

The judge didn’t bite.

“I’ve considered the proffers made by the state, I’ve considered the arguments of the defense,” the judge said. “At this point in time, though, Mr. Adams and Mr. Steel, I am still not convinced [by] what you’ve argued […] I’m going to deny bond at this time.”

He continued: “It is not lost on me that your client remains in custody. It is not lost on me your client enjoys the presumption of innocence. I respect that all of you, as seasoned advocates, and I understand fully that there are differences in bond and differences in what may be pled at trial. And I understand that you all as defendants don’t have any responsibility at all to present anything. The government has the responsibility to present and prove everything that’s alleged in the indictment.”

Thugger is accused of being the leader of a dangerous gang called YSL. Thug says it’s just a record label and denies the allegations.

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