Young M.A: I’ve Been Very Much Sober

Lyndon Abioye |

Young M.A. gave an update to concerned fans who have been worrying about her health since a video of her looking ill went viral a few weeks back.

“I know I been low-key. Long story short, basically, it’s a small setback. Unfortunately, I made a lot of wrong decisions in my life. You know, it’s starting to catch up with [me]. So, I just want y’all to know, besides all that I’m actually doing much better. I’ve been getting well. I’ve been very much sober. I don’t want to go specifically into details. Because I really want to bring y’all on my journey,” she said.

The rapper looks much healthier in this video. She said fans can expect some new music from her soon.

“I’m dropping some new music of course,” she added. “I’ma also have a documentary with my story. I’ma keep y’all in tune, catch y’all back up. Because I know y’all been wondering. Y’all know I’m mysterious. I keep my personal problems to myself. But now it’s time to expand that and express that to y’all. It’s gon’ be one of those M.A summers. I promise you,” she added in a follow-up video.

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