Young Guru Believes Timbaland Will Influence Kids To Use AI

Lyndon Abioye |

Young Guru is not a fan of AI and has spoken out against Timbaland who has been pushing the use of AI in hip hop.

“The reason that I said something to Tim, number one, is because Tim and I have worked together and we have a relationship, and that’s why I started in love. I was like, “Tim, I love you, but this is dangerous because of who you are. If you set the precedent that this is OK, then every other kid is going to feel like oh, well, Tim did it,'” Young Guru told Okayplayer.

Young Guru described why he’s worried about the new AI wave.

“When you take Big’s voice, and you have him saying things that he would have never said, or it’s your interpretation or some other writer’s interpretation of what you think Big would have said, this kind of violates him and his legacy. How do you think his daughter felt? How do you think CJ felt hearing their dad’s voice?”

Is he right to be worried or is he trippin’?

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