Young Dro Claims ‘He’s 100% Clean’

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Young Dro has battled with addiction for years but in a recent interview, the Atlanta rapper claimed that he’s clean.

Speaking to DJ Vlad, he opened up about his previous addiction but he was proud to announce his current status.

“As I sit here before you, I am 100 percent clean of everything. 17 months. I’m working on my two years. Tough too. I think my mindset changed. It’s still a struggle to actually maintain this because I still live a Hip Hop party life. I go out at night. I pay my bills out of clubs and concerts where my peers are smoking and drinking, popping champagne. And that lifestyle is still there,” he told Vlad.

“To navigate through it, I feel like I’ve been on this journey for five years already,” he continued. “And that’s just because what I see in the night – to fight through that is like going through terrain in Africa in the jungle.”

Fans say Young Dro looks good.

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