Young Dolph Murder Suspect Arrested For Stalking!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Hernandez Govan, one of the men linked to the murder of Memphis rapper Young Dolph, has been arrested on stalking charges.

Govan, 44, is accused of hiring Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith to gun down the famous rapper and is now being accused of repeatedly following, harassing, or making threats, driving with a suspended license, and having an improperly mounted license tag, according to WREG.

He posted a $2,250 bond and is scheduled to appear in court for the driving violations on June 26th. Govan will appear again for the stalking and harassment charges on August 20th.

Govan was charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. He was released a $90,000 bond and placed under house arrest after telling the judge he needed to work to support his family…but he then spoke to the media and was chastized by the judge.

“At this point, the court feels like you’re playing, and playing fast and loose with the court and these stipulations, and I don’t like that,” the judge told him,” adding that the court did not like the fact that he was doing interviews when he should still be in jail.

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