YNW Melly’s Phone Privileges Have STILL Not Been Reinstated!!

YNW Melly says he has not been able to speak with his loved ones for months because his phone privileges were removed back in April and have still not been given back to him.

The rapper, who is awaiting trial for double murder, wrote a long post on Instagram also accusing correctional officers of mistreating him.

“In the picture taken over a year ago I am smiling, but as I speak to you from My cell at this very [moment] I am weeping in the present. I have been mute For years about the mistreatment, discriminition and misuse of authority mentally& emotionally abuse, I have been suffering and in fear B.S.O staff Captain Archibald Captain Hubert,” he wrote.

The rapper continued, “XO Jean Baptiste and XO Jenkins are just A few names of high ranked staff that have enforced this treatment. On April 8th I was told I was not allowed to use the phone indefinitely (which mean forever) captain Archibald Revoked my calls for using another inmate pin to talk on the phone, usually when Someone get disciplined for this It is usually phone restricted for 30 days it is now going for 8 months, no other inmate in this jail is being treated this way,” he added. “I haven’t spoke to family, friends, managers and accountants for months at a time making it impossible To pay my bills and take care of my house hold lively hood, or even talk to anyone for relaxation for pleasure and stress relief and worse to handle lawyer fees.”

Melly is standing trial for the murders of two of his friends.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty as they claim “the capital felony was committed for pecuniary gain, the capital felony was especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel, the capital felony was a homicide and was committed in a cold, calculated, and premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification.”

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