YNW Melly’s Mother Shoots Down Prison Escape Story: It’s All Fake!!

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The mother of rapper YNW Melly says prosecutors’ claim that he was attempting to escape prison is fake news.

“Ok, so I’m at work and I just seen this crazy ass story — first of all, this is just another tactic for them to try to literally tarnish my son’s character and everything. They do not want him having attorney visits in person, which will cause for ineffective counsel,” she says in the video.

When police searched the rapper’s cell, Melly’s cell was clean. They found several items in another inmate’s cell, including a shank and drugs.

She then revealed that jail officials have been trying to prevent him from having contact with the outside world. “So, we went to court for that, and they took his phone calls and they have him locked down. They had no evidence whatsoever that his attorneys did anything wrong to prove these accusations but they knew it would get picked up by the media.”

She added: “So when we get ready to pick a jury, hopefully, in the next two weeks, it’s going to be ‘Oh, this kid tried to escape. Oh, this kid tried to do all these things.’ And it’s all fake because they do not have a case. And it’s still Free Melly until he’s free.”

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