YNW Melly’s Mother Shares Loving Letter From Her Son

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YNW Melly’s mother posted a handwritten letter to Instagram sent to her by her son who is currently incarcerated.

“Hey ma, damn y’all made my night my whole month. So glad I seen y’all. I hope y’all seen me. I know y’all did right when you went screamin ‘I SEE HIM’ they made you leave. [annoyed face] I’m so glad I seen you ma! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Tell Grandma & Silas I love them and appreciate them so much. It was good to see them as well,” he wrote about his family’s visit to the facility.

He continued, “Dang B Slime still looked tall from way down there lol. You looked so small lmao jumpin up and down when u seen me. I seen your smile from way up here! Lit da whole jail up! Even tho they tried to make it da worst, still you found a way to make it the BEST. I love you ma I’m a give you the world, Pluto and Mars when I get out. What u want da most too? Lol.”

The rapper is currently in jail awaiting trial for double murder. Prosecutors have been trying to get the rapper to face the death penalty.

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