YNW Melly Double Murder Trial Juror Claims Rapper Was Framed

Lyndon Abioye |

A juror from the YNW Melly double murder trial is claiming that the rapper was framed.

The rapper is accused of murdering his frienda, Anthony Williams aka YNW SakChaser and Christopher Thomas Jr., aka YNW Juvy in October 2017.

“I believe that he didn’t do it and it wasn’t proved in court,” said juror #7. “This was a really bad situation of being framed. Melly was a very good person. He always tried to help out people around him,” the anonymous juror told the Sun Sentinel.

In July, Broward Circuit Judge John Murphy declared a mistrial after a 12-member jury panel was unable to decide after three days of deliberations.

The state of Florida argues that Melly, real name Jamell “Melly” Demons was the shooter who killed Christopher “Juvy” Thomas Jr. and Anthony “Sakchaser” Williams on Oct. 26, 2018. They then accuse the rapper of staging a drive-by shooting in Miramar with the help of his friend, Cortlen “Bortlen” Henry.

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