YNW Melly Denied Emergency Dental Work For Tooth Infection By Judge

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A judge has denied YNW Melly’s request to leave jail for emergency dental care for an abscessed tooth.

His attorney claimed Melly is unable to clean his teeth properly as he has a permanent diamond grill. The rapper also does not have access to a regular toothbrush either.

“Mr. Demons has a full set of diamond dental crowns which require constant upkeep and at bare minimum regular flossing and brushing,” the motion reads.

“Mr. Demons is not allowed dental floss or a regular toothbrush or regular dental visits. As a result, he has an abscess in his lower jaw that is creating extreme pain and chronic infection. Mr. Demons has sought medical care within the jail facility. However, they do not have the ability to properly clean or care for the growing infection.”

Melly has private insurance but the lawyer says he would pay for the cost of the treatments, including transportation and independent security.

The judge refused. The rapper is currently awaiting trial for double homicide.

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