YK Osiris Lashes Out At Kevin Gates Amid Barber Drama

Lyndon Abioye |

YK Osiris called out Kevin Gates after the rapper slid into the DMs of the barber who claimed YK left without paying her $100 fee to cut his hair.

Gates sent the barber $200, telling her, “I hate that you went through that do you have Zelle. What I utter with my mouth my actions must prove.”

After the barber shared the screenshot, YK Osiris responded on Instagram Stories.

“I hate n-ggas, literally I don’t fw any of you lame ass, corny ass, n-ggas. Get that through y’all mind man. PLEASE DO. Shake my hand in public but play me on social media people wake up please I pray y’all do,” he wrote.

“All people wanna do is steal my energy, ok bet say less. Y’all think cuh y’all see me round n-ggas, man I’m a good n-gga. These n-ggas soul just be dead af.”

The barber did confirm that the rapper eventually Zelle’s her the money he owed plus a $20 tip.

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