YK Osiris Denies Barber’s Claim He Didn’t Pay For His $100 Haircut

Lyndon Abioye |

YK Osiris has responded to a barber’s recent claim that he ran out on his $100 tab.

“She got paid,” YK Osiris’ statement to XXL reads. “She just want clout. Give her a lil clout lol.”

The barber made the following claims on social media.

“I hate to have to come to the internet with this, but I guess I got to. Y’all know I cut my first celebrity client, YK Osiris, last week. I charged him $150 for the cut, the cut went up, he paid me $200. He tipped me $50. No complaints, but he had hit me up to come line him up last Tuesday,” she said.

The barber continued, “I charge him $100 for the lineup. This n-gga hit me with the, ‘Alright, I’ma Cash App you.’ Instantly I was like… I’m like ‘I don’t think he gonna do me like that.’ It’s just $100 dollars, it’s not $100,000. But he did.”

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