YK Osiris BEGS For Help Following Sukihana Drama!!

Lyndon Abioye |

YK Osiris begged for help on social media following the Sukihana drama last week.

“I lost everything, my mind, my family, my love for music, I just need help fr,” he tweeted.

Osiris went viral after footage of him forcibly kissing Sukihana made headlines. Osiris was blasted as a sexual predator and accused of sexually assaulting her. He quickly posted an apology to social media.

“I want to publicly offer my sincerest apology to Sukihana. In an attempt to be playful, I misread the moment and violated Sukihana’s boundaries. I understand the importance of consent and I am embarrassed by my behavior. I take full responsibility and I have made multiple attempts to apologize. I have the utmost admiration for Sukihana and it was never my intention to disrespect her,” he wrote.

Sukihana claimed to be afraid to stick up for herself and deleted her Twitter page before returning and announcing she had accepted his apology.

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