YFN Lucci’s RICO Trial To Begin Next Year

Lyndon Abioye |

Incarcerated rapper YFN Lucci’s RICO trial has finally been given an official date. The RICO trial will begin on January 8.

Lucci’s trial was reportedly set to begin the same day as Thugger’s but there is a chance that Lucci could be called on as a witness for the prosecution.

“YFN Lucci’s trial was due to begin January 9 (2023), same as Young Thug’s. The YFN gang and RICO case is just as wide-ranging as the YSL case,” journalist George Chidi tweeted at the time. “The two are connected; Lucci is a witness. But Lucci’s trial date has been postponed, his attorney said Tuesday. No new court date has been set.”

In June, an attorney for Lucci confirmed reports that the rapper was offered a 20-year plea deal from prosecutors.

Lucci was offered the deal, and he would still need to serve 17 more years behind bars. He also confirms the rapper is still awaiting a date for the trial.

“The absurd ‘plea offer’ being reported is accurate,” reads the statement. “However, a plea offer is not any indication of the likelihood of a plea and in fact, Mr. Bennett is still waiting—after two and a half years in custody—to be given a potential trial date.”

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