Yella Beezy Arrested On Sexual Assault Charge!!

Media Take Out Staff |

Yella Beezy has been arrested and charged over an alleged 2021 sexual assault.

The rapper’s bond has been set at $1 million. Speaking on Live, he denied the allegations, in which a woman accused him of rape in November.

“Y’all just gotta stop playing on my name, you know what I’m saying? I was arrested on false allegations. I was arrested before I was even questioned and I knew about anything that was going on, but it’s false allegations. Everybody that knows me knows that I’m not pressed over sex or anything of that nature. I ain’t no aggressive person, like, that don’t even fit me, at all,” he said.

The rapper was also hit with a child endangerment charge at the time.

“I die for my kids. So the child endangerment doesn’t have anything to do with anything sexual, for the people who can’t understand. It’s something that happened when they came and arrested me. But I can’t really speak on a lot of the stuff.”

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