YBN Nahmir Threatens To Shoot Up Home Of His Fan’s Mother!!

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YBN Nahmir trended after he threatened to shoot up the home of a fan who was trolling him in his inbox.

“You’re from Fort Worth bro, let’s be honest. I’m from North Long Beach…like n-gga do you filthy like really beat your motherf-ckin’ ass. N-gga all that lifting weights and all that is out that sh-t do not matter. Really f-ck that bro, and I’ll just shoot you in your face right after cuz,” he said in the voice clips shared online.

“I’ll come to Forth Worth and beat your ass and shoot your mama house up dude. Be honest with yourself.”

The comments the fan was writing to Nahmir were blurred out so we cannot see what got the rapper so heated.

Fans clowned him in the comments:

“what artist you know argue with fans through voice messages,” a fan asked.

“Bro been down bad ever since he lost his girl 😂😂” another wrote.

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