YBN Nahmir SLAMS “FAKE” Chain-Snatching Reports

Tiffany Brockworth |

YBN Nahmir is denying a Compton man’s claim that he snatched the rapper’s custom chain.

The man posted a picture of them holding the chain. The post was captioned, “@ybnnahmir I got yo sh-t yung n-gga tap n.”

Nahmir says it’s all a lie.

“I’m literally just getting up. What the f-ck do you n-ggas be talking about?” he said in response to the rumors.

He then showed his chain to fans. “What the f-ck? All this sh-t be fake as hell. The internet be fake as hell.”

Fans are waiting on Nahmir to release more music music, possibly due to a stint in rehab.

“I’m not out here doing hardcore drugs. Im addicted to alcohol & I just need a little help, that’s all. I pop Percs here & there, smoke some weed. Normal sh-t, but I do feel my body failing. I gotta be here for the people that’s here for me in the long run. I wanna be sober,” he wrote late last year.

His last release was Faster Car Music, Vol. 1, which he released last year. The rapper was in a group with YBN Cordae, and YBN Almighty Jay. Both rappers would drop the YBN from their rap monikers and go solo.

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