YBN Nahmir Going To Rehab For Addiction

Lyndon Abioye |

YBN Nahmir announced that he’s entering a facility for substance abuse.

“rehab soon. understanding your addiction & admitting to it is the 1st step. pray for me on this hard journey,” he tweeted out to fans.

The rapper used the plan to explain to fans why he made the decision.

“I’m not out here doing hardcore drugs. Im addicted to alcohol & I just need a little help, that’s all. I pop Percs here & there, smoke some weed. Normal sh-t, but I do feel my body failing. I gotta be here for the people that’s here for me in the long run. I wanna be sober,” he wrote.

Nahmir has not been releasing a lot of music. His last release was Faster Car Music, Vol. 1, which he released last year. The rapper was in a group with YBN Cordae, and YBN Almighty Jay. Both rappers would drop the YBN from their rap monikers and go solo.

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