Xscape Singer LaTocha Smith’s Husband Allegedly Caught Cheating Again!!

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Last month there were rumors that LaTocha Scott and her husband/manager Rocky Bivens were headed for divorce because LaTocha was fed up with his ways, including rumors of him having multiple extra marital affairs.

Well Latosha hasn’t filed for divorce yet, but a popular Atlanta blogger claims to have spotted Rocky in Las Vegas last weekend – with an alleged side piece.

He posted video of the two checking into a hotel together on his Instagram.

LaTocha and Rocky have been married since 1995 and have in ways balanced one another out. They also share a son Jamon, who was born in 1997. Rocky has supported LaTocha on several ventures, one of the latest being her possible solo project.

Both have had ups and downs both as individuals and as husband and wife. While they continue to be married, there were times when LaTocha and Rocky’s marriage was far from perfect, and those times mainly involved Rocky and his alleged affairs.

Rocky is the CEO of Biv Global Management, an entertainment company that represents clientele in film, television, music, and fashion.

But he got his start as a security guard turned business manager for R. Kelly.

LaTocha is also the fourth member of the insanely popular 1990s girl group Xscape.

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