Women Go CRAZY Over Handsome Inmate … He’s Prison Bae 2.0 … Allegedly Locked Up For MURDER

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There’s a new prison bae who is going viral all across social media. Women from all over the world are sharing photos of an alleged 33 year old incarcerated man named Josh.

Josh is described on a prison dating site as a “homebody, who loves long walks and loves to read.”

The man going viral is depicted as a handsome inmate who is asking for women to write to him, and if they feel generous, to drop a couple of dollars on his books also.

Here are a few pictures of the man who is being described as “Josh” online.

Here is just a sample of the responses from women online:

Well, Media Take Out did a bit of digging into Josh’s background. And it appears he’s not in prison for parking tickets.

According to the Nebraska Department of Corrections, a man named Josh of the same age and with the same ID number in the post – real name Joshua Nolan – is serving LIFE in prison for first degree murder. The website claims that Josh has been behind bars for the last 12 years – since right before his 21st birthday.

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