Woman Shot In The Head During Takeoff Murder Speaks!!

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The woman who was struck in the head by a stray bullet the night of Takeoff’s murder has spoken out in a TV interview.

Sydney Leday talked with KHOU 11 about that fateful night in the Houston bowling alley on November 1, 2022. Sydney says she heard shots being fired and tried to run but she felt the sting of the bullet soon after.

She called her mother and told her to come to the hospital.

“I told her to come to the hospital, but I ended up having a seizure, so I was on the phone with her the whole time,” she said. “I remember the whole thing. I felt the sting in the back of my head. I felt myself falling and the person I was with picked me up and got in the car but it was just it was like a scary movie.”

She continued: “Ironically, it was Halloween night. I had on a nun outfit I had blood all over me and it was still my birthday weekend. So I mean like any other 24-year-old, I was just out partying and celebrating ’cause I really never dressed up for Halloween and that was something I was excited about.”

Fortunately, she survived.

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