Woman Roasts Ari Fletcher Over Paid Promo Post: That Picture Is A Hot As* Mess!!

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A woman took to social media to drag Ari Fletcher, claiming she was dissatisfied with a paid promotion with Ari’s son, Yosohn.

In the post, the woman slammed Ari for the “regular post.” She said that if she wanted a “regular kid” she would have got one. The clothing label owner complained that Yosohn’s hair was not done and that it was dry. She was not happy.

Watch the clip below.

In the comments, viewers said she had gone too far.

“The outfit you sent that baby for promo is giving “regular kid” though miss…..Upgrade ya inventory to look like the look you are going for. Ya clothes giving $2.50 granimals TF?” one viewer wrote.

Another wrote, “This is super unprofessional. She wants her brand to give rich kid… well this isn’t giving high end energy.”

A third commentor wrote, “I’m on Ari side like sis these some regular clothes I could see if you sent her some @rich_boys then she would get him fly and swaggy Chile Ari roast her no shade it was her delivery and approach to the whole situation that was wrong it was a better way to handle this”

Was this unprofessional?

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