Woman Claims Trey Songz Kidnapped Her … No Food Or Water For 2 Days! (2023 Ending w/ A Bang)

Iyanna Muhammad |

R&B singing sensation Trey Songz is going viral, after one of his former girlfriends explained that the singer allegedly kidnapped her – and kept her without food or water for 2 days.

Media Take Out learned that in the latest episode of the popular We In Miami podcast, Celina spilled the tea on what happened between her and Trey.

She explained, “Mr Steal Your Girl really be stealing b***hes.”

Celina continued, “He took my phone and threw it over his balcony and kidnapped [me and my friend] for the whole two days.”

The story then got worse, “He didn’t;t feed us and didn’t give us any water.”

Celina told the podcasters that she was NOT having fun. Celine then turned uncomfortable when asked whether she and Trey were intimate during the kidnapping.

“It’s like a dark topic, and I don’t want to mess with victims.”


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