Witness Allegedly Told FBI That King Von Took Hit Out On FBG Duck!!

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Court documents have surfaced online which appear to show that a witness in the FBG Duck murder told the feds that the Chicago rapper put a hit out on Duck…who is now deceased.

Chicago Scene 88 posted the documents on their Instagram. In August 2020, weeks after Duck’s murder, the witness says King Von allegedly offered $50,000 to anyone who would kill Duck. When nobody got the job done, he increased the reward to $100,000.

After Duck was killed, the witness, who has not been identified, said Von celebrated FBG Duck’s death by gifting the entire O’Block crew a brand new chain.

In October, five men were charged in connection with Duck’s murder. Charles Liggins, also known as “C Murda,” Kenneth Roberson, also known as “Kenny” and “Kenny Mac,” Tacarlos Offerd, also known as “Los,” Christopher Thomas, also known as “C Thang,” and Marcus Smart, also known as “Muwop,” are charged with murder in aid of racketeering and federal firearm violations and assaults in aid of racketeering.

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