Will’s Friend: Jada Got Botched Plastic Surgery After Will Beat Her … Broke Her Cheekbones!

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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are threatening to sue Will’s former personal assistant Bilaal, who made some explosive claims regarding Will and his close friend Duane Martin.

Well Media Take Out learned that more from that interview leaked … and what he said was even MORE EXPLOSIVE.

Will and Jada are calling Bilaal a liar, and are planning on taking legal action against him. They say that he is making up OUTLANDISH stories against them, after Bilaal attempted to extort them for money.

Well Bilaal has another OUTLANDISH STORY TO TELL. According to Bilaal, Jada Pinkett’s face has botched with plastic surgery because she had to have it surgically reconstructed after Will allegedly beat her mercilessly.

The former assistant says that Will Smith caught Jada Pinkett “cheating” with Jennifer Lopez’s then husband Marc Anthony – and he flew into rage.

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According to Bilaal, Will and Jada had an “arrangement” to sleep with other people ONLY IF THEY TOLD EACH OTHER ABOUT IT. Bilaal claims that Jada and Marc carried on a full on relationship behind his then-wife J Lo and Will’s back.

The former assistant says that Will caught them together in his house, and flew into a rage and brutally beat Jada. The beating was so bad, according to Bilaal, that Jada had to have extensive facial surgery – and that’s why she looks the way that she does now.

This is Jada’s face now:

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