Willie D Apologizes For Comments About Kanye West’s Mother

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Willie D apologized for comments he recently made about Kanye West’s mother, Donda.

The Geto Boys rapper said that Donda has committed suicide because “she had raised a self-loathing coconut.”

Fans targeted Willie D online for the comments, so he posted a video apologizing.

“Had to get rid all of these Kanye West stans all in my DM’s, all in the comment section of my Instagram, because I put up a post saying that I don’t believe Kanye West mama died of a botched surgery. Now, they got mad at me and was trying to bully me. You know, Kanye West fans trying to bully me because I said what I said, but when Kanye West wore the white lives matter shirt, they were praising him as a free thinker. Someone who can’t be controlled. The irony, do you see it?” he said.

He continued, “I’m gonna go ahead and be a bigger man and apologize for putting up that post and saying what I said. What I should have said is, f-ck all y’all. No more talking.”

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