Will Smith’s Former Assistant Claims He Has PROOF Of Duane Martin Story!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Will Smith’s former assistant Brother Bilaal is doubling down on the story he told about allegedly walking in on Will and fellow actor Duane Martin while they were in the middle of a hot and heavy sexual encounter.

Tasha K brought Bilaal back to dive deeper into his story after Jada Pinkett Smith said the Hollywood couple is planning on suing him…but Bilaal says he’s got receipts.

“The reason Will responded, the reason why Jada responded [is] ’cause they know it’s true. They responded in less than nine hours … because he know what I saw in that dressing room, he know other things that I saw. ada, listen, in two weeks, if you don’t sue me in two weeks, if Tasha K will have me, I’m back here and I’m dropping evidence. You said I extorted you, you said it was a money shakedown, you said a lot of things about me,” he told Tasha K.

Bilaal went further, calling Jada a “bald-head liar and a drug addict.”

Watch the clip above.

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