WILL.I.AM: My Femininity I Think It’s A Superpower!!

Lyndon Abioye |

WILL.I.AM opened up about his sexuality in a recent interview. The Black-Eyed Peas rapper says that people call him “gay” all the time but that he’s just a feminine man.

“Coming of age, I didn’t have a man in my life…a father in my life to guide me through that. My mom did that, which probably made me ultra feminine. I have no shame in being super feminine. I remember in the ’90s, we don’t have the support in the LGBT community now that we did then. So growing up in the ’90s, we were like, ‘Are you gay?’ A lot of people questioned [me] because I was feminine. I’m still feminine. I sit the way I sit, I act the way I act, my mannerisms are my mom’s,” he explained.

According to The Sun Us, He was previously dating Celebrity Big Brother star Casey Batchelor in 2014 as well as singer Natalie Imbruglia. He has kept most of his dating life private.

The rapper added: “I’m strong with my femininity I think it’s a superpower. When you know who you are and you love who you are and how you vibe, that’s what it’s about. I like girls. Never was attracted to men. I’m attracted to females, but I’m feminine.”

Fans applauded the candid interview.

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