Whoopi Goldberg & Oprah Winfrey Argue On The View … Over The Color Purple Movie!

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Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg are out actively promoting the re-release of the 1986 hit move The Color Purple. But one former cast member has been noticeably absent from the new movies promotion – WHOOPI GOLDBERG.

Oprah has been working overtime promoting the new film, appearing on The Jennifer Hudson Show, and Sherri Shepard’s show. But she hasn’t been on The View – YET!! But yesterday she taped a segment on The View …. and LORD it’s about to GO DOWN, Media Take Out is hearing.

Media Take Out learned, from credible sources who know both Oprah and Whoopi – that a simmering feud between the two powerhouse ladies, is at the center of it all.

According to our source – Oprah and Whoopi have had a cold relationship for years. Media Take Out was told that the two ladies reportedly had some type of feud stemming from their time working on the movie.

Here’s Whoopi explaining about how she felt betrayed by many mainstream Black celebrities and activists, for the criticism she received from the film. Since the movie, Oprah and Whoopi have had a distant – but cordial – relationship.

Now for the alleged tea.

According to one person, who is associated with actors in the new movie, Oprah reportedly told Fantasia that Whoopi didn’t want to be bothered when Fantasia explained to Oprah that she would like to reach out to Whoopi while filming the movie.

Whoopi, according to our source, felt slighted because she was very open to helping in anyway she could and she wondered why Fantasia never reached out.

And Whoppi feels even worse, given that she hasn’t been asked to be involved in the The Color Purple musical film adaptation at all.

Media Take Out confirmed that Whoopi did not attend the movie premiere. And our insider claims it’s largely due to a rift between Oprah and Whoppi.

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Now for the extra juicy piece. Media Take Out has learned that yesterday Oprah has filmed a segment for The View, on The Color Purple …. and that during the segment – the tension between Big O and Whoppi was palpable.

It was so tense and at times combative, we’re told, that producers are wondering whether they plan to even show the interview on The View.

The interview is scheduled to be played next week … and it’s going to be GOOD!!

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