White Male ‘Shooter’ Planned To Shoot Up Yo Gotti Birthday Bash . . . Because His GF Was Inside!

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Memphis Police told the media yesterday that a White Male was arrested with 6 Rifles & Thousands of rounds of ammo at an apartment near Yo Gotti’s CMG Bash last night.

According to police, the shooter says he planned to kill as many people as possible.

Yo Gotti

Thankfully for everyone involved, Media Take Out confirmed that the man was allegedly apprehended & the show went as planned, with no issues.

On Saturday, July 16, 2022, at 2:48 am, Officers responded to an armed mental [health] call in the 200 Block of South Main Street.

Upon arriving on the scene, officers say thay were met by the suspect, Elijah Hyman, and his girlfriend. Hyman appeared distraught due to a breakup between him and his girlfriend.

Officers were advised that since Hyman and his girlfriend’s relationship was coming to an end, he wanted to kill himself and everyone he saw coming from an event being held at the FedEx Forum.

Police say that Hyman was bleeding from his right hand as a result of being cut from a glass window inside of his apartment.

Officers were advised Hyman had several weapons inside his apartment. Hyman was detained, placed in cuffs, and taken for medical treatment and evaluation.

A search warrant was conducted on the apartment where Hyman resides and several weapons were confiscated.

Elijah Hyman, 28, was charged with Commission of the Act of Terrorism.

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