White Cop NOT CHARGED In Tyre Nichols Death … Even After Video Shows Him TASING Fallen Man! (Video)

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The video of the brutal murder of Tyre Nichols was released, and it was extremely graphic and disturbing.

As Media Take Out reported, police initially said Mr Nichols had been stopped on suspicion of reckless driving, which has not been substantiated. He died in hospital three days later, on 10 January.
Mr Nichols was black, as are all five officers charged in the case.

But after watching the video – the question arose – what about the White officer involved, why wasn’t he charged? And why has his name not been released?

We’re posting the videos of Tyre’s death below. The first video, taken from the body cam footage of a White officer – clearly shows the officer tasing Tyre – while he was on the ground complying.

Video 1 from City of Memphis on Vimeo.

According to the timeline of events police pulled Tyre over for what they claimed was “reckless driving”. They then proceeded to stop him and drag him out the car.

The officers didn’t ask him to come out, they dragged him like he was a fleeing murderer.

Tyre had no prior criminal history.

The killer cops tased him and pepper sprayed him, then claimed he ran from them, aka “didn’t cooperate”, which their own department could not substantiate.

The video shows that the officers tracked him down – like a dog – and beat him so badly, so passionately, that he died from his injuries a few days later.

The Memphis PD did their own “internal investigation”, and within two weeks, five officers who beat him were fired and charged with murder. But the video clearly shows that one of the officers involved – was WHITE!!

As these screenshot show, the officer who tased Tyre as he lay on the ground fighting for his life, was White.

There’s a growing concern that the murder was committed out of passion, pre-meditated even, or something else.

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